Sad news for fans of McDonald's Chicken Legend, as the brand has announced that the toasted chicken burger is being ditched from menus. 

It comes as the fast food giant shared it would be making some major changes to its menus nationwide, starting this week. 

While a few new exciting items are being added to the menus, some fan favourites are being taken away. 

The Chicken Legend will be leaving all McDonald's in all forms from Wednesday, October 19, meaning you have just two days to get your hands on the treat. 

McDonald's removes Chicken Legend from menus

Many fans are not happy with the sudden removal of the popular chicken burger they've taken to social media to share their anger.

One said the change is "honestly the most ridiculous and disgraceful thing I’ve ever heard, @McDonaldsUK you should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Whilst another said they would need some time to process the change: "Just found out McDonald’s is removing chicken legend off their menu. I’m going to need a few days to process this."

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Another fan of the Chicken Legend wrote: "Hearing the news that McDonald’s is axing the Chicken Legend next week is the saddest thing I’ve heard all week."

Why is McDonald's removing the Chicken Legend?

The popular chicken burger is being removed to make space for some new items, including a new chicken burger.

This comes in the form of the McCrispy which is made with 100% chicken breast fillet that's been marinated in black pepper and cayenne, topped with classic mayonnaise and salad. 

The McCrispy is also being joined by Mini Potato Waffles, the Twirl McFlurry and the BBQ Bacon Stack.