Taking a bit of someone else's food is a common occurence for many, and today McDonald's are offering a compensation scheme for those who have been a "victim" of fry theft.

For just today (Friday, October 7) only the "tongue-in-cheek law firm" Fries Claims will be taking over the McDonald's Twitter account.

Fans will be able to report their case of stolen fries on there, with a Fries Claims 'lawyer' being on hand to offer legal advice, live video replies and vouchers to act as compensation.

All you need to do to try and claim a voucher for some free McDonald's fries is to tell your fry theft story on Twitter using the hashtage #FriesClaims, and you may just be in with a chance.

In a report for McDonald’s, psychologist Jo Hemmings found that perpetrators justify their behaviour because of the quantity and feeling that small amounts won’t be missed.

The report added: "“Thefts” tend to be carried out by “plate separatists” who prefer their food in individual portions and that in evolutional psychology terms are doing so to stop the food being lost to another predator.

"The investigative research of 2,000 McDonald’s customers also shed light on the worst ‘crime areas’ for the theft of Fries, with Birmingham topping the table followed by Bristol, while London and Glasgow were named as the joint third crime hotspots."

To claim McDonald's free fries you have the whole of Friday, October 7 to share your story on Twitter using the hashtag #FriesClaims in your tweet.