Prices rise like a rocket and come down like a feather – we are currently seeing this at the fuel stations where things are a little bit more reasonable than they were in May.

But the cost of living and working is still the most pressing concern for many of my constituents.

To protect homes and businesses, the Government is stepping in to cap the cost of energy.

Household bills will now average around £2,500, instead of the £6,000 previously forecasted, with a similar package designed for commercial energy.

This is a very welcome measure but there is still more to do to make sure no one drops through the gap.

Park homes are a very good example; until just recently, those living in park homes would have missed out on the £400 electricity bill rebate.


Before the summer break, I pressed the Business Secretary Jacob Rees Mogg to review the rules around the scheme so that the money could go to individual home owners – rather than those who own the site.

Thankfully, the Government has found a way around this and park home owners will now be eligible for the funding.

I have always been clear – the beauty of rural areas like Brecon and Radnorshire often hides dire fuel poverty.

Rural homes are extremely expensive to keep warm; often far too costly for those living on pension incomes.

My current focus is to increase the support offered to those who live off the gas grid; around two thirds of my constituency. The current offer is just £100 which is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. I will continue to push on this until we have equal treatment between gas and off-gas grid homes.

There is no doubt that things are difficult – economically and politically – and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. However, my priority remains pushing this Government to ‘remember rural’ – in all things.