Welsh wildlife presenter Iolo Williams underwent a dramatic transformation for a Drag Race inspired charity event in Llanfair Caereinion.

The wildlife presenter known for co-hosting Springwatch and Winterwatch for the BBC, was one of the contestants in a drag queen competition to raise money for the Lingen Davies Cancer Appeal.

Held on September 18 at Caereinion Leisure Centre, the event saw 10 men from the area donning wigs, dresses and high heels for the main show.

The contestants also learned some short dance routines before strutting down the runway, much to the entertainment of the crowd.

The wildlife presenter said: “We all know people who have suffered from cancer, I've got a couple of friends from way back who died of cancer, so I am lucky, touch wood so far, cancer free and its the least you can do.

“The walk down the runway was very uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend wearing high heels to anyone.”

The contestants spent over an hour being transformed into mid Wales' most unlikely drag superstars.

The Drag Race inspired event was conceived by Bethan Smith Davies, who said: “I’m a massive fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I was talking about the newest series while at the same time trying to think of potential charity events to organise in the wake of Covid, and the two sides just merged into one.

County Times: Iolo gets into his new look. Photo by Tili Lloyd.Iolo gets into his new look. Photo by Tili Lloyd.

“It was a way to stage a different kind of event, one the group had never done before as a way to raise money.

“We picked a date and booked the space at the Leisure Centre, then it was just a case of begging some male friends to get involved. Some took more convincing than others.

“Overall I’m massively pleased with how it went. There was a great atmosphere and it was lots of fun for all involved.”

The event managed to raise over £5,300 so far, but the group is still collecting donations and has another fundraising idea to organise.

Bethan added: “We’re hoping to make a charity calendar as well from some of the photos from the event, with each contestant picking their favourite photo of themselves. After all, who doesn’t want a drag queen on their wall?”