Lidl shoppers have hit out at the supermarket giant over a change which has left many infuriated.

The supermarket has made changes to its app and loyalty scheme, prompting many to threaten to take their custom elsewhere.

The changes, which came into force this month, will leave many worse off as they hunt for bargains at Lidl.

The old ‘Lidl Plus’ loyalty scheme saw shoppers earn a £10 off voucher for a future shop when they spent £200 over the course of a month.

Under the new system, shoppers must hit a £250 base spend over a month to qualify, and the £10 voucher has been replaced by a 10% voucher, meaning shoppers are losing out if their next shop comes to less than £100.

Shoppers will therefore have to spend £350 to get £10 off under the new scheme, rather than £200 as was the case previously.

It is not the only change made to the scheme however, with an extra reward coming in at £150.

These are the new ‘Lidl Plus’ rewards, and what was on offer at those milestones previously:

Old rewards

  • £50 - Free pastry
  • £100 - £2 coupon
  • £150 - Nothing
  • £200 - £10 discount
  • £250 - Nothing

New rewards

  • £50 - Free pastry
  • £100 - £2 coupon
  • £150 - Free product coupon
  • £200 - Nothing
  • £250 - 10% discount

The changes only relate to the Lidl Plus GB app and will not impact shoppers in Northern Ireland.

Customers have hit out at the changes on social media, questioning the change during a time when shoppers are trying to save as much money as possible.

One said: “Personally think this is a bad move and just trying to force people into spending more money each month. Disappointing. Lidl plus was one of the reasons we shop at Lidl.”

Another said: “Very disappointed with the new Lidl Plus so-called rewards, especially in this climate where every penny counts. Removing the £10 bonus for a paltry 10% and increasing qualifying to £250 makes it now worthless.  Will now shop around elsewhere.”

Others described the change as rubbish: “This is very disappointing at a time when customers need it most. The discount at the new £250 ‘milestone’ is rubbish.

“Might as well not use Lidl Plus anymore. Why should anyone give them their spending data for a stingy coupon at £250 most won’t even benefit from?”