Having read as part of a cooperation agreement between the country’s Government and Plaid Cymru, the proposed changes are being recommended to pay for local services.

The changes include carrying out a revaluation of all 1.5 million properties in Wales to make sure valuations are up-to-date and taxpayers are paying the correct amount.

Yes house prices have increased (some far more than that property is worth) since the last valuation. But so has the council tax, at least 200% so its the same percentage of house price if not more.

Complete waste of time and I suppose revalued cost will be met by council tax raise.

As for the Welsh government having awarded a 17% pay increase that includes all Powys County Councillors. Where is that money coming from?


And if Powys County Council have millions left unspent in their budget 2022 then for goodness sake resurface the appalling state of Gungrog Road pavement adjacent to the hospital ground and where hollows that fill with water after it rains and the surface in places no longer flush with the kerb on both sides of the road and turn that street light on again having been switched off for over a year just past entrance to the hospital on opposite side where pedestrian were walking on the road itself during the dark winter evening and even see disabled people on mobility scooters because the pavement surface is unsafe for them last resurfaced over 20 years ago.

I would imagine the worse state of disrepair in all of Welshpool.

And cut that over hanging thorny shrubs growing through and over fence from the former Gungrog School and that applies to some private houses along that road in places covering half the pavement with dangerous thorn hedging.

Existing pavement is only 60.96 centimeters wide with 50% overhang is a council owned payment

Finally, as for the Welsh Government plans to spend tax payers money installing 20mph signs in areas of the town reducing speed for 30mph.

Will it prove an expensive waste of taxpayers money?

Will those who drive above the legal limit take any notice? Doubt it.

The one-way system is used by some now for several years as a race course.

Seeing is believing at the speed some drive down Mill Lane in both directions and along Salop Road within the 30mph zone.

Perhaps some dummy speed cameras for the dummy drivers to see may have some effect.

Only recently we witness one motorist who appeared to be chasing the other turned left off Salop road down Mill Lane with second braking hard to avoid hitting one in front and the air was black from tyre dust could smell it.

With fuel prices at record high driving slower would be cheaper for the fool behind the steering wheel and less wear of the vehicle - its a no brainer.

Raise one’s hand to slow down to be greeted by the v sign or verbal abuse

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