Powys' TV environmentalist Iolo Williams will be looking back on his colourful career in a new BBC programme later this month.

In his new series, Iolo: A Wild Life, the Newtown-based presenter will be looking back at this 25 years in broadcasting, filming wildlife across Wales.

Iolo first hit the screens in 1997, when he was still working as a warden for the RSPB.

Since then, he has been behind a parade of wildlife programmes, including series such as Visions of Snowdonia, Iolo’s Wild Wales, Great Welsh Parks, Special Reserves, Street Life and many others.


Many will recognise him from his starring role on the BBC's Springwatch in recent years, but over the years, Iolo has travelled all around Wales, from Anglesey to inner city Cardiff and everything in between, on the hunt for wildlife in its natural habitat.

The series will look back on the many highlights of his career including Iolo’s Special Reserves, where he had the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit honey buzzards hidden high in the tree tops and lending a hand to a squirrel trapping programme – which has led to a huge rise in the number of red squirrels in Anglesey.


The series will also look at the extremes of the Welsh weathe, watching birds navigate the wind in a blizzard and collecting crayfish from a cool river in the scorching sun.

It will also look back at 2006’s Iolo’s Welsh Safari where he found an 80-year-old freshwater pearl mussel and will see if they still survive today.

The series starts on Monday, 8pm August 15 on BBC One Wales.