AN armed response unit was sent to a Powys town after a man spat in the face of a female neighbour and threatened to stab her.

Cameron Adam Burns got into an argument with his own girlfriend while drunk and had also been in the habit of injecting himself with both heroin and amphetamines at the time of the incident, in Llanidloes on April 9 this year.

Burns, 26, became aggressive towards his 20-year-old neighbour, spitting in her face and telling her he would stab her, after she witnessed him angrily arguing with his girlfriend.

Llandrindod Wells Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, August 3, heard Burns and the victim were living in the same building in Llanidloes. He had previously admitted assaulting her and using threatening behaviour towards her, and using threatening behaviour towards another neighbour.

Prosecutor Stephen Davies said Molly Gamble took refuge in a nearby pub after calling 999 after Burns' threat to stab her, after he kicked on her door.

Police soon receiving another call from William Hughes, another neighbour, who described a man "kicking off".

“He began calling her derogatory names and was shouting at her with his arms raised, she was very intimidated," Mr Davies said.

“He then spat at her twice, the second time it hit her in the face. She said she would call her dad, to which the defendant said ‘Do it, do it, I’ll stab you’. He then ran into building while she ran to the pub to call the police.

“The people from the pub came out after they heard her screaming. She refused to leave as she was so scared, describing it as ‘the most scared I’ve ever been in my life’."

He also attempted to scale a wall to get to Mr Hughes during the incident.

Mr Davies said that Burns told arresting officers he’d had “a few drinks” at his girlfriend’s house. He admitted spitting near the victim as he had become angry when he felt he had been accosted by someone he didn’t know in the street.

Rob Hanratty, acting for Burns, now living at the Bell Hotel in Newtown, said: “He never intended to inflict significant harm on her, they were just words. He spat at her but didn’t aim at her.

“Later on, a large group of males, possibly associated with the victim, gave him a good beating.”

Probation officer Joe Long said Burns admitted his behaviour was “unacceptable and out of character”, and that he had been using drugs, including heroin and amphetamines, but has been seeking help from Kaleidoscope and drug-free for nine weeks.

Magistrates handed Burns a 12-month community order, which will include 150 hours of unpaid work and 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days. He was also ordered to pay £200 compensation to Ms Gamble and £100 to Mr Hughes.

“The compensation is for the considerable distress caused to the two witnesses, but it is only a token towards the distress you caused,” chair of the bench Kathryn Silk told Burns.

He additionally must pay £85 costs and a £95 surcharge. Magistrates also granted a 12-month restraining order on Burns in relation to his female victim.