A mural in Welshpool celebrating biodiversity has been completed and is now open for all town residents to see.

The project, helmed by Llanfyllin-based arts group Arts Connections, is designed as a celebration of the natural world.

The mural is located on the side of the canal bridge on Severn Road, opposite the Powysland Museum.

Hand painted by Arts Connections volunteers Valentine Kuhl and Meg Turcotte-Griffiths during their free time over the month of July, the project was designed in collaboration with Welshpool’s Church in Wales Primary School.

Arts Connection presented a number of images and objects such as seashells and plants to the pupils, from which they selected their favourites that went on to inspire the final design.

Meg Turcotte-Griffiths explained: “The mural was designed to showcase a different organism from each part of the natural world, to demonstrate the biodiversity and range of wildlife on our planet.

“The pupils were so inspired and were so helpful in selecting a massive range of designs for us to work with, and you could tell they loved being a part of the project.”

After sketching out the initial design with pencil, the finished version was painted on using spray and acrylic paint.

The mural has been in the planning stage since March 2022, and was finally completed in July.