I’m sure Fay Jones and Craig Williams feel sincere in why they did or didn’t resign this week.

However we must remember that both have been ardent supporters and active participants in Johnson’s government, a government that has sunk to new depths in corruption and authoritarianism.

They backed him over the lies about parties, they backed him over Owen Paterson, they backed him over the tacky wallpaper fiasco and much more.

They voted to implement the Bill to outlaw protest, they voted for changes to the Electoral Commission, they voted to deprive children of free school meals, (whilst their constituents benefitted from the more compassionate Welsh Labour Government).

They supported the deduction of £30 million from the Welsh Government to contribute to the supply of arms to Ukraine, even though Defence is supposedly the budgetary responsibility of UK Government.

Maybe the worst aspect of their support has been for the despicable policy to traffic the most vulnerable people, fleeing war and starvation to Rwanda.

How can a British Government that bangs on about our history of supporting those in need and fleeing persecution, in reality that’s another lie, justify human trafficking.

The fact those being trafficked aren’t having to pay, is the only difference between this policy and the criminals.

The list of the failings, lies and corruption of Johnson, his government and by their support our Powys MPs, could fill several editions of this paper.

Unfortunately the next government will be no different.

Unless the influence of billionaires and vested business interests in government is stopped, British democracy is doomed.

Johnson happened to be the latest to surface in the sewer of the Westminster politico.

Yours sincerely

Ian Hickinbottom