Government "levelling-up" money should be used to help tackle flooding issues in Powys, councillors have said.

Councillors Amanda Jenner and Councillor Jonathan Wilkinson have written to the council cabinet to ask for some of the levelling up money, set to be given out by central government, to be used to introduce at least two more drain jetters in Powys.

Powys has been given £27.4 million of the 2.6 billion given out nationally to local authorities to improve infrastructure in their communities.

Commenting on the need for better drainage, Councillor Jenner said: “Having seen increased adverse weather and flooding in recent years, it is apparent that the current conditions of our drains and gulleys are not able to cope when we have increased rainfall.

"This is exacerbated by the lack of routine drain clearance due to the limited resources in Powys.”

Councillor Wilkinson says the lack of quality drainage has unexpected side effects to the road system in Powys.

“I believe that many of our other road maintenance problems are made worse by increased amount of water running down the roads which should be going into the drains and gulleys," he said.

"This is particularly the case on the A495 in my ward where lack of routine clearance is causing significant water damage to this very busy road.”

Councillor Jenner said some properties in Trewern were flooded due to water not draining away earlier this year.

She said: “Unfortunately, this year some of my residents’ properties were flooded which was potentially due to the lack of regular drain clearance. These are homes which are not adjacent to rivers or streams but flooded from road surface water which had nowhere else to go.

“Myself and the community council have on many occasions asked for drains to be cleared but we are told that the council does not have sufficient resources to attend to the drains regularly.

“There needs to be an annual routine drains maintenance schedule for county roads. I really hope that the Powys Council Cabinet listens to this request and uses the potential opportunity of this funding to address this problem.”