Barclays staff in Newtown and Welshpool will continue to work from home and meet people in the community when the banks close, an MS has said.

The bank confirmed this month that it is to close its remaining Montgomeryshire branches in Welshpool and Newtown on September 16 and 23 respectively.

But in a meeting with bank bosses, Montgomeryshire MS Russell George says he was told that the bank was not withdrawing entirely from the towns, and that no staff would be made redundant.

The bank also confirmed that the bank closures would mean the cashpoints it provides in the towns were removed.

''On questioning the bank about what it meant for the staff locally, Barclays told to me that the staff will still work within Barclays and no staff will be made redundant," said Mr George. "Staff will work from home and what they called 'Barclays in the Community.

"Whilst banks have pointed out the use of online banking there remains a strong need for the presence of banking staff within the community.

"The bank informed me that customers will still be able to physically access staff at least twice a week, in both towns, at a location that is yet to be confirmed."

During the meeting which took place this week, Mr George stressed the importance of the Banks presence in the community and the support it provides for constituents, with many already travelling into the two main towns from other areas.

''Bank branch closures will not only have detrimental impact on loyal customers, especially those who are elderly and vulnerable, but it will also have implications for the local business community, for Welshpool and Newtown as towns and the wider area, and for the reputation of Barclays," he added.

"Whilst informing me, the bank said that they would put plans in place to support their customers, I made it clear that no plans would be a substitute for a full-time bank on the High street in both towns.

"Going forward, I want to focus on the areas of concern or questions residents have on transactions or matters that can’t be completed via the options the bank has outlined to me, particularly known areas where the Post Office can't support on. The bank has agreed to meet with me again so I can raise specific matters."

Mr George has encouraged people to complete a survey so he can capture further questions and areas he can raise with the banks.