A SUSPECTED burst water pipe at a primary school that resulted in pupils being sent home for the day was a faulty valve.

Pupils from Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School were sent home early on Friday, June 24, after what the school thought was a burst pipe, and they said had left the building without any water.

The incident, which occurred in the morning, led to parents being contacted and asked to collect their children as the school was forced to close.

Suppliers Welsh Water, however, have responded, saying there was no burst pipe and insisting that the school would have had running water, but it would have been low pressure for a short period.

“We are aware of an issue linked to a valve on our network in the Rhayader area on Friday morning which might have caused some customers in the area to have low water pressure for a very short period of time,” said a Welsh Water spokesperson.

“The issue was quickly resolved by our team and supplies returned to normal.”

A message sent to parents posted on social media just before midday read: “Urgent. No water. Could all children please be collected.

“School is closing, please only ring if it is an emergency. We are not able to provide lunch. Please collect as soon as possible.”

Headteacher Linda Crockett said: “We think it is a burst water pipe, Welsh Water are dealing with it.

“We have no water for preparing food, washing hands or toilets etc, so needed to send the children home.”