A former Llandinam man has appealed for members of the community to send him pictures of two wonders of Montgomeryshire

Richard Hill has issued an appeal for photographs of Cefn Carnedd hill and St Idloes Church in Llanidloes to use on his website.

Mr Hill is a 66 year old part-time writer living in Langley, Berkshire and published around 50 articles for 20 leisure and lifestyle magazines both in the UK and a couple in the US.

He is currently working on his autobiography.

He said: "I was born on the November 2 1955 in St.Davids's Hospital, Bangor.

"I was adopted when I was just a few days old by a wonderful couple, my Mum and Dad.

"Fred and Dorothy Hill, my Dad and Mum, raised me on their small farm in a small village called Bont in mid Wales. Both were incredibly hard working. They had little money.

"When I was really young, Dad worked for the forestry commission. Before work each morning, he would have to milk our few cows, an operation he had to repeat on his return followed by all his other farm work.

"Mum and Dad sold milk locally. Rich Channel Island milk from their beautiful Guernsey and Jersey cattle. I have fond and wonderful memories of life on a farm, but neither the stamina, determination or interest to be a farmer.

"At the age of 11, we moved to a bigger farm at Llandinam. Although only a short distance from the first, about 20 miles, the difference it made to my life was significant.

"Previously I had lived in the heart of a village, now we lived a mile from the nearest. Although still in the very heart of Wales, I remained in a 'language' minority, this time because I was the only child at Llandinam Primary School who could speak any Welsh.

After one term at Llandinam High School, I moved up to Llanidloes High School."