Taxi fares are set to rise by 11 per cent in Powys amid spiralling petrol prices.

At a Powys County Council cabinet meeting on Tuesday, June 28 councillors will consider a report that recommends increasing taxi fares.

At the meeting senior licensing officer Sue Jones will explain to that the council has received request from taxi firms for an increase in tariff fares for Hackney Carriages in Powys.

What taxi drivers have said during a recent consultation exercise will also be brought up.

The comparison with other local authorities in Wales is how much will a taxi fare cost for a two-mile journey.

At the moment in Powys the cost is £5.40 but under the new proposals. the fare will rise to £6 – which remains lower than the UK average rate, and is on par with Wales' averae/

Ms Jones explains that trade magazine The Private Hire and Taxi Monthly magazine publishes league tables showing fare tariffs throughout England and Wales.

Ms Jones said “Comparisons in May show that based upon a two-mile journey, the current UK average fare is £6.24, the all-Wales average is £6.

“Powys’ two-mile tariff equates to £5.40 and currently sits at 300 out of 358 local authorities in National Fare Tables.

“The current tariff for Hackney Carriages was introduced in 2018.”

A consultation exercise took place with Powys

Licensed Taxi Drivers between  March 17 and April 1 seeking views on new tariffs.

There were 33 responses of which 31 were in favour of increased tariffs.

Ms Jones said: “With the taxi trade facing increased operating costs there is a risk that taxi businesses in the county will fail if fares are not increased to meet their extra operating costs.

“Taxi fares need to be fair to be both the drivers and vehicle owners in order to make a living at a level and at a level to be affordable and used by the travelling public.”

If cabinet agree to the fare increase, the changes will be subject to a two-week public consultation period.

If there are no objections the changes would come into force at the end of that consultation period.