The streets of Machynlleth will once again be treated to the sounds of a Latin American cultural festival after a three year hiatus.

The El Sueno Existe Victor Jara Festival is set to return to Machynlleth from August 5 to August 7.

The festival was first held in Machynlleth in 2005, but was cancelled in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the festival’s long awaited return, co-founder Tony Corden said: “ With so much bad news on the world stage at present, it is more important than ever to remember and celebrate the life affirming artists and activists who are committed to the making the dream of a peaceful world a reality.

“This is a 3-day fiesta rooted in social justice and human rights, come and celebrate with us.”

County Times: Bolivian-Peruvian musical family, La Familia Sagrada, one of the bands appearing at the festival

Bolivian-Peruvian musical family, La Familia Sagrada, one of the bands appearing at the festival.

The festival is named after Victor Jara, a Chilean poet, singer and activist who was murdered under the regime of dictator August Pinochet at the age of 40.

Jara was among over 3,000 people who were detained, tortured and executed following a violent coup that toppled Chile’s democratically elected government in 1973.

The contrast between the themes of his songs, which focussed on love, peace and social justice, and the brutality of his murder turned him into “an international icon of resistance”, according to the BBC.

Machynlleth’s El Sueno Existe is one of many cultural festivals that honour his memory.

The three days promise to weave together a celebration of music, poetry, drama, dance and Latin American culture.

Each year the organisers pick a different Latin American country for the festival’s main theme, this year choosing El Salvador.

This year, there will be music from top Latino fusion dance band Lokandes , El Salvadorean and Columbian ensemble; Los Aventureros, Chilean music group; El Trio Sureno; Uruguayan folk singer, Alex Etchart; an El Salvadorean Dance Troupe as well as a host of other artists.

On the Sunday, August 7, there will be a Welsh twmpath dance with a wonderful mix of local musicians.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to visit the festival for the third time to talk about the Peace and Justice project.

There will be various presentations about El Salvador, Mexico, Chile and other themes throughout the 3 days.

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