The middle aisle of both Aldi and Lidl are popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on anything from gardening tools to clothing.

Whether it’s Aldi’s Specialbuys or Lidl’s Middle of Lidl, the latest offers are always worth checking out and there are some fantastic buys from Thursday, May 19.

Let's take a look at some of the items you can buy this week.

Aldi’s Specialbuys

This Thursday, you’ll find a range of items amongst Aldi’s Specialbuys including garden features, bikes and bits for your next camping trip plus more.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade your garden or get out and about, Aldi’s Specialbuys have you covered.

Vitesse Force E-Mountain Bike

County Times: Vitesse Force E-Mountain Bike (Aldi)Vitesse Force E-Mountain Bike (Aldi)

Enjoy your surroundings on an outing with this Vitesse Force E-Mountain Bike.

With a chargeable battery, you can keep enjoying your bike rides whenever you fancy heading out.

It has seven speed gears and a gel saddle so you’ll be comfortable during journeys.

It can be yours for £899.99 via the Aldi website.

Also available at Aldi from Thursday is the Vitesse Pharos Unisex E-Bike and you can add it to your online shopping basket for £799.99 via the Aldi website.

Kids’ Little Dinosaur Teepee

County Times: Kids’ Little Dinosaur Teepee (Aldi)Kids’ Little Dinosaur Teepee (Aldi)

Let your kids’ imagination run free with this Kids’ Little Dinosaur Teepee.

It gives them their own space to play and there’s plenty of other designs to choose from including a Secret Garden themed teepee, a taupe one and a Celestial themed tepee.

You should be aware that the long cord is a strangulation hazard.

They’re all available via the Aldi website for £34.99 each.

Adventuridge Caravan Air Awning

County Times: Adventuridge Caravan Air Awning (Aldi)Adventuridge Caravan Air Awning (Aldi)

Add this Adventuridge Caravan Air Awning to your caravan for extra space this summer.

It’s waterproof and has two doors with mesh screens that can be unzipped for ventilation.

Buy it via the Aldi website for £199.99.

Adventuridge 2 Man Tent

County Times: Adventuridge 2 Man Tent (Aldi)Adventuridge 2 Man Tent (Aldi)

If you’re booking a camping trip this summer, Aldi’s Specialbuys has you covered with this Adventuridge 2 Man Tent.

The tent comes with a carry bag and ground pegs and it’s easy to hold so if you’re off for a hike or a weekend away, this is ideal.

It’s available to buy in two colours, green or blue, for £49.99 each via the Aldi website.

Gardenline Grey Water Feature

County Times: Gardenline Grey Water Feature (Aldi)Gardenline Grey Water Feature (Aldi)

Spruce up your garden ready for the warmer weather with this Gardenline Grey Water Feature.

It’s available in two colours, grey and blue, and it’s powered by a solar panel which is included with the water feature.

It could be yours for £59.99 each via the Aldi website.

Peacock Solar Bird Bath

County Times: Peacock Solar Bird Bath (Aldi)Peacock Solar Bird Bath (Aldi)

Keep your garden visitors happy with this Peacock Solar Bird Bath, a perfect space for birds to enjoy.

It has six white LED lights and it could be yours for £16.99 via the Aldi website.

You can find more of Aldi's Specialbuys via the Aldi website here.

Lidl’s middle aisle

This Thursday, you’ll find outdoor offers as well as DIY tools amongst Lidl’s middle aisle.

So, if you plan to upgrade your DIY tool collection or make being in the garden that bit more fun, Lidl’s middle aisle has you covered.

Bestway Blue Rectangular Family Paddling Pool

County Times: Bestway Blue Rectangular Family Paddling Pool (Lidl)Bestway Blue Rectangular Family Paddling Pool (Lidl)

Take a dip this summer in your very own garden with this Bestway Blue Rectangular Family Paddling Pool.

Invite family and friends over to enjoy it too, especially when the sun is shining.

It’s available to buy for £24.99 at Lidl and you can find out more about it via the website.

Parkside Work Bench

County Times: Parkside Work Bench (Lidl)Parkside Work Bench (Lidl)

If you’re looking to get jobs done before the warmer weather arrives, this Parkside Work Bench could be just what you need.

It has adjustable clamps and you can save space by folding it away when you’re finished too.

It’s available to buy for £19.99 at Lidl and you can find out more about it via the website.

It’s XXL week at Lidl this week so you’ll be able to get your hands on large pack of food from Thursday including Dulano Smoked Pork Sausages (£2.19), Birchwood 2 Gammon Steaks (£3.29) plus lots more.

Check out the XXL range via the Lidl website.

County Times: (Left) English Lavender and (right) Air Purifying Plant (Lidl/Canva)(Left) English Lavender and (right) Air Purifying Plant (Lidl/Canva)

There’s also plenty of plants to add colour to your home and garden including Butterfly Friendly Passiflora (£3.99), Air Purifying Plant (£2.99), English Lavender (£2.99) plus more.

Find the indoor and outdoor plants via the Lidl website.

You can find the full selection of Lidl's middle aisle from Sunday, May 8 via the Lidl website here.