The middle aisle of both Aldi and Lidl is popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on anything from everyday wear to kitchen essentials.

Whether it’s Aldi’s Specialbuys or Lidl’s Middle of Lidl, the latest offers are always worth checking out and there are some fantastic buys from Sunday, May 1. 

Let's take a look at some of the items you can buy this week.

Aldi Specialbuys

This Sunday in Aldi you'll find a range of everyday wear, from walking boots to kids' summer clothes. 

County Times: Children's Navy Walking Shoes. (Aldi)Children's Navy Walking Shoes. (Aldi)

If you have an adventurous kid that needs new shoes, then these Children's Navy Walking Shoes are perfect. They come in children's sizes 3 to 10 and are from the brand Lily & Dan. You can get them now for £9.99 via Aldi. 

Aldi even has some women's wear this Sunday with these with Avenue Ladies' Light Blue Jeggings. They're available in sizes 8 to 16 and promise to be comfy and stylish. You can get them now for £7.99 via Aldi. 

County Times: Children's Rainbow Pyjamas. (Aldi)Children's Rainbow Pyjamas. (Aldi)

For just £3.99 you can get some new Children's Rainbow Pyjamas that feature a nice cool blue tone and plenty of colourful rainbows. With sizes starting at 3-4 years and going all the way up to 11-12 years they'll make a perfect treat. You can get them now for £3.99 via Aldi. 

Aldi even has some outdoor accessorizes this week with The Green Garden Buxus Ball. The Buxus ball will add some extra greenery to your outside space and will work perfectly for the summer season. You can get it now for £8.99 via Aldi. 

Lidl's Middle Aisle:

This week in Lidl you can find all your kitchen essentials and all the home updates you could possibly need without breaking the bank.

County Times: Salter 3.5L Chalkboard Slow Cooker. (Lidl)Salter 3.5L Chalkboard Slow Cooker. (Lidl)

If you've been on the hunt for a new slow cooker then this Salter 3.5L Chalkboard Slow Cooker is perfect. Thanks to its outer chalkboard you can leave notes on it so even if you're not home to enjoy the meal, you'll love ones will know when its ready. It comes with a removable ceramic pot and has a one-year warranty. Get it now for just £24.99 via Lidl.

Lidl even has a Juicer that will save you some well-earned cash, with the Phillips Viva Collection Compact Juicer reduced from £79.99 to £59.99. The juicer takes up limited space, is easy to use, and comes with everything needed. Get it now for £59.99 via Lidl.

County Times: Livarno Home Microfibre Feran Ice Pillow (Lidl)Livarno Home Microfibre Feran Ice Pillow (Lidl)

If you're worried about the nights soon getting hotter, then this Livarno Home Microfibre Feran Ice Pillow is the perfect solution. With a smart fabric that lets the pillow cool and a climate control panel for excellent air circulation, it's a steal at just £6.99. Get it now via Lidl.

There's even the Livarno Home Storage Ottoman which has six drawers that offer plenty of storage space and has a removable padded seat. It comes with a three-year warranty and you can get it now for £29.99 via Lidl.