A SNACK manufacturer based on Welshpool has signed on to sponsor a number of sporting events in 2022.

Trailhead Fine Foods is teaming up with a sports events company to promote its award-winning beef jerky to runners, cyclists and other who enjoy outdoors sports.

The company makes the high protein snacks under their Get Jerky brand, and have agreed to sponsor a series of running and cycling events, as well as some talks, starting with the Welshpool 10k on March 27.

All events sponsored by Get Jerky in 2022 are organised by Adrenaline Sporting Events.

Olympic cycling gold medallist Ed Clancy, OBE, will also be speaking at a talk and workshop organised by Adrenaline Sporting Events at Aico, Oswestry on February 3.

Emma Morris, sales director for Get Jerky, said: “Get Jerky is the ideal pre, mid and post-race snack for runners and cyclists as well as anybody enjoying outdoor activities, as it’s low in fat, salt and sugar but high in energy-rich protein and gluten free.

“We are proud of our roots in Welshpool, where we manufacture our handmade, artisan beef jerky snacks in eight flavours, using responsibly sourced PGI Welsh Beef and secret recipes.

“It’s great to be supporting a series of sporting events in Wales and the border region this year that support local charities, kicking off with the Welshpool 10k.”

Alan Lewis, a former triathlete who now runs Adrenaline Sporting Events, said: “I am thrilled to be working with the team at Trailhead Fine Foods for 2022.

“We have a wide spread of events for 2022, ranging from trail and road running to mountain and road biking. Great Britain long distance runner Andrew Davies, who lives near Welshpool, may also be taking part in the Welshpool 10k.

“We get runners of all standards, ranging from Andrew to those running a 10k for the first time, participating in our events.”

For information on other 2022 events organised by Adrenaline Sports, visit https://www.adrenalinesportingevents.co.uk/