MONEY from a community grant fund set up by Llandrindod Wells North county councillor Jake Berriman is available until May.

Grants of £100 are available for groups looking to make good things happen in town, or to directly benefit residents of the Llandrindod North ward.

Councillor Berriman previously announced he was giving away a chunk of his £13,000 yearly allowance as a county councillor to benefit community projects within his ward.

“I have seen how small amounts of money can really help to get things off the ground, so if you’d like to apply for funds of up to £100 then please fill in a short grant application form,” he said.

“Please note that the grant amounts will be up to £100 per organisation to enable me to support as many groups and projects as possible. However, I may consider grants for larger amounts if appropriate.”

Cllr Berriman is making £600 available each calendar year and he will consider applications as and when they come in. When the allowance is used up the grant will close until the following year.

Any organisation or group can apply for a small grant so long as the activities requiring funding benefit the people living or working within his ward.

If a little bit of cash could help make a difference to your project, then have a closer look. Click on the link to fill out a form,