Pupils at Welshpool High School who sat their GCSE exam early in year 11 have achieved some outstanding results.

A number of pupils from set one sat the exam and of these 14 gained an A* and two achieved a grade A.

Head of Maths, Mr Powell said: “The results are fantastic in any year, but when you take into account the disruption that the pupils have had to deal with, it demonstrates their resilience and determination. Everybody is delighted."

Many of these pupils will now go on to study Additional Maths for the remainder of year 11 which prepares them for A level Maths.

Headteacher Mr Kinsey added: “Congratulations to the pupils for achieving such outstanding results, well in advance of the summer examination series.

"Hard work, dedication and a positive attitude really do pay off. I am sure that these excellent outcomes will benefit the pupils in the future, particularly if they stay on to study in our sixth form."