A MEMBER of the Senedd is taking a “complete break from work” while he recovers from coronavirus.

Andrew RT Davies MS, a member of Welsh Conservatives, has been unwell for the past two weeks – now revealed to be a case of Covid – and has announced that he will be taking time off work to ensure he can “fully recover”.

Paul Davies MS will be filling in for Andrew RT Davies in the meantime – although an exact timeframe has not been announced.

A statement by Andre RT Davies states: “As some of you are aware, over the past fortnight I’ve been fighting a dose of the flu and subsequently coronavirus. 

“I’m starting to recover but I will admit it’s knocked me for six and has had an impact on my mental wellbeing.  

“Like many men, I’ve always believed I had a shield of invincibility, and like many who have struggled, I’ve contemplated whether I should make this public.  

“However, as a leader, I believe you should set an example and I want to be open and honest - in the good times and the bad - as I know many people have struggled and will do with their mental health. 

“As such, and on doctor’s orders, I will be taking a complete break from work to ensure I can fully recover and bounce back from the difficulties I’ve experienced over the past fortnight.  

“In the meantime, I would like to thank Paul Davies for continuing with my duties during my absence and I ask that my privacy and that of my family is respected.”