A leisure centre in Newtown said it will not tolerate verbal abuse targeted towards volunteers and health board staff.

Maldwyn Leisure Centre has reminded customers to treat vaccination centre volunteers and Powys Teaching Health Board staff with respect.

The leisure centre in Plantation Lane is one of three mass vaccination centres that is helping with the rollout of coronavirus jabs across Powys.

"Maldwyn Leisure Centre would kindly like to remind our customers that the Pavo volunteers are giving up their own time to assist with the smooth running of the leisure centre and vaccination site," a statement from the leisure centre said.

"They are here to assist with directing leisure centre customers to designated parking areas and vaccination parking as well as other duties.

"Verbal abuse towards these volunteers will not be tolerated and kindly ask that you respect all the Pavo volunteers and Powys Teaching Health Board staff.

"We thank you for your continued patience."