Every rugby club in Powys will be offered a life-saving defibrillator free of charge this season.

The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) has teamed up with the Calon Hearts charity to ensure defibrillators will be installed at every club in Wales.

Llanidloes RFC said: "We’ve worked hard on ensuring our facilities were open to the public over lockdown and beyond for much needed exercise and large open outdoor space. A defib will help us develop this offering even further!"

While the Llanidloes Rugby Hub added: "A defib unit will be so beneficial to have at Llanidloes RFC. Just hope it never needs to be used."

Someone in cardiac arrest will lose consciousness, will not be breathing and will have no signs of circulation. A defibrillator is used to shock the heart following a cardiac arrest.

In Wales there are approximately 8,000 sudden cardiac arrests, outside of those in hospitals, each year.

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With more than 300 clubs throughout the country hosting rugby from senior men and women at clubs and hubs to a wide range of junior teams every weekend, the offer will be of benefit to thousands.

WRU community director Geraint John said: "This is a significant financial commitment, but it is one that will save lives and have a directly positive impact not just on the community game in Wales but on the health of the nation.

“For those clubs who are already ahead on this issue, and have their own machines, we will still be in a position to provide additional support, whether that be extra machines for training grounds or club houses, introducing mobile machines or meeting the cost of those already purchased.”

Calon Hearts will provide the defibrillator, manage its installation and provide training to relevant volunteers at clubs on use and maintenance of the equipment.

Shocking statistics state that the survival rate after a sudden Cardiac arrest outside of hospital is only 3 per cent. Whereas when a Defibrillator is used, the survival rate is 47 per cent.

“There are not enough defibrillators in Wales or trained people to give victims the best chance of survival during those first few critical minutes and so we are extremely grateful to the WRU for their support of this initiative,” said Calon Hearts Defibrillators and Screening Wales director Sharon Owen.