Opposition groups on Powys Council could be effectively barred from putting down council motions unless they can work out their financial impact first.

At Powys County Council’s meeting on Thursday, September 23, councillors will discuss the notice of motion by Conservative councillors Lucy Roberts and Iain McIntosh, which could potentially see those following it on the meeting agenda thrown out.

They want any motion that comes before the full council to come with details of its impact on council cash and resources.

Cllrs Roberts and McIntosh said: “All notices of motion, or any amendment to a motion, presented to this council for consideration, must be accompanied by a costed analysis of the financial and resource implications that motion, or amendment to a motion, would have on this council, should it be approved.”

“In recent years, a number of motions have been presented to full council meetings for consideration, by opposition groups, absent of any financial cost or resource analysis.”

They believe that councillors need to “recognise the importance of calculating and considering the financial and resource costs incurred by this council”, before a motion is proposed or amended to the council.

Cllr Roberts and McIntosh added that other councillors need to “recognise the importance of prudent spending”.

They said: “Elected councillors realise it would be irresponsible to put forward any motion, or amendment, without due consideration given to the financial or resource costs incurred to this council, should that motion, or amendment, be approved.”

They believe it is the “responsibility” of the councillor who proposes the motion to find help to evaluate the cost and resource implications of implementing what they wish.