So, some of Prince Charles’s aides foolishly got in a muddle, and then rightly, but begrudgingly, got cold feet over donations from a Russian convicted of crimes 17 years ago.

A couple of aides’ heads should rightly roll, and the heir apparent should have thought “Would Mother approve?”, but carping criticism of my namesake should be limited.

Prince Charles has been waiting, patiently and graciously, in the wings to succeed for decades, still ready and due to take on the mantle, long after most of his critics will have taken retirement.

His Princes Youth Business Trust (now styled the Princes Trust, founded 1976) has created tens of thousands of opportunities for young people to achieve business and other goals. His charitable works are immense and many.

His sister, the Princess Royal, his mother the Queen, his father the late Duke of Edinburgh and Charles himself have given, as a quartet, over three hundred years of public service. This is unrivalled, anywhere, in a rapidly changing and liberal world.

They have quietly represented good manners, duty, niceness and Britishness, values which many of us so admire.

Contrast this with the legacy of Prime Minister Blair, and his amassing of wealth through his contacts when in government; with Premier Cameron and his apparently wholly legal consultancy of £10 million (hopefully all taxable!) from Greensill, and the uneasy mendacity of the current occupant of No.10 Downing Street.

Not many people know this, but former Premiers can claim up to £115,000 expenses per year, to cover the costs of their ongoing public engagements - yes public engagements for the rest of their lives. Why? Blair is 68, Cameron just 54. Nice gravy! Tony Blair claimed £1,017,000 in the ten years 2007-2017.

A foolish, and yes serious error, not to be repeated, but the Prince of Wales is force for good, and will continue to be so, and of whom we should be supportive in these unsettled times. I know who I would prefer to have lunch with - not a politician.

Charles Bruce Lawson