We buy orange juice boxes from a number of supermarkets.

The recycling info on the side says widely recycled but if we put them in the paper recycling the bin men pick them out and don’t take them. Rattus is amused by this.

OK they can go in the wheelie bin. Better still wait till you can burn them.

If we bought plastic orange juice bottles that would be fine. They can be recycled but I hope that plastic does not end up in a valley in Turkey.

Orange juice is part of the five-a-day. It is compulsory. Most of the population of Powys must buy it. Why can’t the empty cardboard cartons be recycled?

Rattus thinks he will keep sending them till the proportion of paper to orange cartons gets ridiculous. It must be a pretty tedious job sorting other people’s rubbish.

Rattus has a great deal of sympathy for bin persons. He just wish they would all go on strike and leave all the rubbish for rats. Orange cartons are no use to rats.

Rattus rattus