Was Russell really calling for Welsh travellers to have access to those cheap Covid tests that English travellers have access to?

No doubt he was thinking of one of the 57 suppliers that have now been struck off the English approved supplier list as they are no longer in business or don’t even provide a testing service, just take your money.

Or maybe it was one of the 82 that have been given a final warning as the price they advertise isn’t the price you end up paying when you get to the check-out.

With the Welsh NHS tests, they may not be the cheapest but at least you actually get what you pay for.

But what was really wrong with Russell’s call was encouraging everyone to holiday abroad, when what he should have been promoting, is the staycation.

We should be using our holiday money to help support the Welsh tourist industry get back on its feet after the last 15 months of anguish.

If you feel you’ve done all of Wales’s glorious mountains, beautiful coastline, epic castles and fabulous steam railways then why not try the highlands and islands of Scotland, the Morne mountains and the Giant’s causeway in Northern Ireland?

So this year, why not visit all those places you live local to, all those places that you tell tourists they must visit and yet have not bothered going to yourself?

Vic Bray

Llanfair Caereinion