Montgomeryshire MS Russell George says Wales is due for 'freedom day' - and says he'll vote against any attempt to introduce so-called vaccine passports in Wales.

The Welsh Conservative Member of Senedd believes there are "wide ranging ethical, equality, privacy, legal, and operational ramifications" with any potential plan to limit access to some venues and services based on the vaccination status of individuals, and has called for a "full-fat" freedom day for the country.

Last month the Welsh Government announced plans to allow people to prove their vaccination status via an online NHS system available to people living in England, with First Minister Mark Drakeford saying the system would not be available via an app as it is across the border, but via a web portal.

However Mr George says they are unnecessary and discriminatory.

"Looking at the state of the country, the potency of the virus, and the strength of the vaccine, I see no reason to introduce domestic vaccine passports," he said.

"We have all made extraordinary compromises on the freedoms that are birth-right of all British citizens since March last year, but thanks to the phenomenal vaccine story, the time for the restoration of our liberty is here. And I’m not talking liberty-lite, but the full-fat version.

"By being double-vaccinated, people have reached the end of the road on what they can do to reduce their risk short of being a hermit. The conversation must be had across the country that if two vaccinations is not the route back to complete freedom, what is? We are entitled to know because our freedoms are not privileges but rights."

In England, vaccine passports will become a condition of nightclub entry from September, and the Government is considering enforcing their use at other venues, such as in stadiums where Premier League matches are due to be held from this month. An update on the Welsh Government website said it was "recommended" that travellers get the digital Covid-19 pass for international travel purposes rather than the paper equivalent.

People in Wales cannot currently use the NHS app to access their NHS Covid Pass and vaccination status as you can in England although, confusingly, some people who live in Wales but are registered across the border will need to use the NHS app.

"We shouldn’t forget either about those exempt for medical reasons – are they not entitled to have a night out like everyone else? They are free citizens that the government should serve, not control," added Mr George.

"However, if the decision is then made to wait until all adults are double-jabbed before introducing vaccine passports and the delta variant is the worst coronavirus can throw at us, then they surely become obsolete.

"The vaccines are working. The vast majority trust them and have or are planning to have them as soon as possible. England recently had its 'freedom day'. Wales is due its own soon."