A football club near Welshpool say they've now identified vandals who caused damage at their Talbot Field home - after a social media campaign shamed them into coming forward.

Officials at Berriew FC captured a group of teenagers causing damage to the main stand at the club's ground on Wednesday, July 21.

In one piece of footage posted to the club's twitter account, one man kicks the back off a seat before later footage shows him apparently attempting to reach the CCTV camera on the stand.

The club appealed for help from the public to identify those involved yesterday after posting the images to their social media accounts and now the CCTV system, fitted in response to an earlier spate of vandalism in January, seems to have paid dividends after all but one of the people involved had now been identified.

The incident is the latest in a series of vandalism incidents at sports grounds in the area, which has also seen Welshpool Rugby Club, Waterloo Rovers and Machynlleth FC targeted.

"Unfortunately like many clubs, and hot on the heels of Waterloo Rovers and Welshpool Rugby Club, we have again suffered vandalism to our stand," said a spokesperson.

"Another local sports club suffering due to the actions of brainless, spineless morons!

"However, unfortunately for this particular moron our new CCTV system has caught him in the act."

Later that evening, the club said the culprits had been identified "due to the power of social media", but they were still waiting for one person to come forward.

They also set a deadline of 48 hours before making a complaint to Dyfed Powys Police and sending them the footage.

"If we are contacted by the individual before the weekend, and all costs are reimbursed as well as him putting in some additional labour down the ground then we may not involved the police. If deadline is missed we will be involving the police," they added.

The club now says that they are due to release a statement later today with a further update.