RESTRICTIONS on outdoor gatherings are set to be scrapped on Saturday as part of the easing of measures in Wales.

Currently, people in Wales can meet with a maximum of 30 people – including themselves but excluding children under 11 and carers – outside and in private gardens.

But from Saturday, first minister Mark Drakeford confirmed that there will no longer be any restrictions on meeting outdoors.


“We have concluded that we can go one step further outdoors,” he said. “We will remove the limits on the number of people who can gather outdoors and there will be more flexibility around social distancing – both from July 17.

“We are doing all of this because the scientific evidence continues to tell us – as it has throughout the pandemic – that the risk of transmission outdoors is much lower than indoors.

“At the same time, we want us all to be able to take advantage of the summer months .

“This will be Wales’ first step into the new alert level zero.

“We will move in to that alert level as we always have – in a careful phased way – outdoors first on July 17, and if the public health position allows, we will complete on August 7.

“Waiting until August 7 will allow us to continue to increase vaccination coverage, and we expect that by August 7, 85 per cent of all adults in Wales will have had both doses of the vaccine.”

Mr Drakeford added that social distancing at outdoor events would no longer have a set two-metre rule, from July 17, with it instead to be determined by the organisers using a risk assessment.

The other changes coming in to effect from Saturday will move Wales fully into alert level one, the first minister said.

These measures are:

  • Up to six people can meet indoors;
  • Organised indoor events can take place (up to 1,000 seated and up to 200 standing);
  • Ice rinks can reopen;
  • Up to 30 children can attend residential activity centres as part of organised events (eg Cubs or Brownies).