Now the weather has settled to something more like summer, quite a lot of grass has been gathered and made into silage.

Crops seem to be good and hopefully will help to replace fodder stores that were so stretched last winter.

For the next two years or so those of us in the Dyfi Valley are having to put up with the new river crossing near Machynlleth.

I seriously question the need for the road works in their present form.

The problems in the area will not be solved until a proper bypass is constructed and all the heavy goods vehicles are taken out of the town.

We are told that flooding on the road will be a thing of the past but the first place to flood is under the railway bridge which will not be addressed.

The environmental impact of this new road should be re-examined for the benefit it will bring, and all the lorries still rattling as they struggle through Machynlleth.

Another engineering project in the Dyfi Valley is on the railway with the ‘Black bridge’ over the Dulas being raised to stop the railway line flooding.

I am told that only in recent times has this bridge been flooded. The Dulas is full of stone and gravel which needs cleaning out, as does the Dyfi.

In times gone by, much stone was removed from the Dyfi and its tributaries by the local river board, as well as others.

All this helped keep the river Dyfi flowing and less flooding happened in the locality. Surely the removal of excess stone and gravel in the rivers would have less impact on the environment than grandiose projects? It is apparent that since less river maintenance has occurred, there are less fish in the Dyfi as there are fewer deep pools for fish to rest in.

On our farm, we have got all our silage fields shut up for another cut of grass having been fertilised and rolled following our first cut. The warm weather certainly makes the grass grow – especially in the garden.

If this dry spell continues we will try to make some dry hay which we like to have for the calves during the winter.

The second super moon of 2021 certainly bought a change to better weather.