Plans to extend a village pub near Newtown have been given the go-ahead.

The Bull and Heifer in Bettws Cedewain will enjoy a new 85 sq metre extension after Powys Council gave the green light to go ahead with the work.

The Bull and Heifer was a flourishing restaurant and public house before the recent lockdown due to Covid-19, causing the business to close its doors.

During the recent Covid-19 lockdown, the owners decided to make changes to the storage and kitchen area at the rear of the premises.

The extension will include an area off the bar for a pool table, a small extension to the kitchen area, the provision of cold and dry storage and a cellar.

Powys County Council planning officer Gwyn Humphreys said: “Comments have been received from the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales confirming that the structures proposed for demolition are relatively recent and of little or no historical or architectural interest.

“This is further reinforced by comments received from Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust, which confirm that there are no archaeological implications for the demolition of the buildings as proposed.

“Their demolition would have no effect upon the overall character and setting of the Bettws Cedewain Conservation Area.”

One of the issues facing the applicants is that the pub lies in a flood zone as the Bechan Brook runs 20 metres to the southwest of the building.

Mr Humphrey’s added: “It is considered that the proposed development complies with relevant planning policy and the recommendation is therefore one of conditional consent.”

The pub was once the village post office before being refurbished.