An application to build three 'hobbit homes' near Llanfair Caereinion has been supported by the town council.

The holiday accommodation comprises three underground holiday houses, access improvement and associated works on land at Rhiwhiriaeth Ganol, to the west of the town.

Should the proposal be approved by Powys County Council's planning committee later this year, the applicant says the site, which is currently an agricultural field, will provide diversification and economic development for the land owner, as well as supporting tourism in the area. The plan will also indirectly support local businesses and sites where visitors will visit, planning agent Roger Parry & Partners LLP says in a supporting document.

"The proposal is for three underground holiday lets sited away from the road and within a natural site with trees and vegetation minimising any viewpoints. There will be limited hardstanding created, forming a parking area for vehicles," the document reads.

"The proposed scheme for 3 underground holiday lets is considered modest in scale and design within an agricultural field landscaped by existing hedgerows and proposed landscaping, which is in line with current planning policies.

" Due to the nature of the holiday lets proposed, noise, light or other pollution will not occur, given it is small in nature, attracting couples and families. Given the location of the holiday lets, the minimal nature of the proposal, and the lack of permanent lighting proposed as part of this scheme, it will not impact whatsoever on the local residents

"Tourism is an important element of the rural economy, and it has been estimated that tourism for Wales equates to 7% of Wales’ GDP.

"This proposal is fully in compliance with national and local planning policy, with the holiday lets being an appropriate scale, being landscaped within the existing environment and will not detract from the overall character of the area."

The plan was supported unanimously by Llanfair Caereinion Town Council at the council's AGM on May 24, with two members declaring interests and not taking part in the vote.

The plans will go before Powys County Council for a decision later this summer.