The elections for the Senedd are now completed and we now have a new Welsh Parliament and government.

I must take this opportunity to thank all the candidates who stood in Montgomeryshire and congratulate Russell George on his victory. I know that NFU Cymru will keep him briefed on agricultural matters affecting us over the next five years.

Although Labour has secured 30 seats in a Senedd of 60, they may still struggle to get the legislation they need to introduce the Sustainable Farming Scheme through the Senedd, and I truly hope that compromise and listening to the voices of farmers will be the order of the day.

I am though fearful at what appears to be a widening divide between town and country, and I question if this is really morally right.

The ramifications of the recently imposed NVZ rules clearly illustrate this, and I hope NFU Cymru’s legal action against Welsh Government is successful. We will have to wait and see.

Now that the weather is milder than of late, all be it wet and showery, the grass is growing better, and it is nice to see the trees coming into leaf, and the apple and crab apple trees in blossom. We only have a couple of apple trees in the garden but need a crab apple to pollinate them. Luckily there are a few of them about.

Since the rains and the bit of sun, the cows are in their new summer coats and look a picture out in the fields grazing. Milk yields are being held well with only a little concentrate being fed in the parlour.

The only problem at milking at this time of year is the little warning you get before a cow lifts her tails to expel some rather runny manure, so it’s ‘keep clear!’ However, the cost of milk production is relatively low, and so it is nice that South Caernarfon Creameries are increasing their June price by 0.75p per litre.

As soon as we can get a few dry days we will be silaging and look forward to using our new silage pit. Messrs Davies and son from Llanwrin have provided excellent service in getting it all finished in three weeks.

It will be good not having to sheet the silage outside in the wind and rain. as has been the norm in the past, it will be all under cover.