Powys is a unique place, with many towns that have unique names.

But that doesn't mean that globe-trotting mid-Walians might not spot some familiar signs on their travels.

Newtown can be found in 11 countries throughout the world with a total of 47 towns sharing the same name.

Welshpool can be found in three countries throughout the world with Powys' version joined by namesakes in New Brunswick in Canada and Victoria in Australia.

Only one Llanfair exists outside of Wales with a small road going by that name in Pennsylvania. We have also seen talk online in the past that Llandrindod Wells was the inspiration for the layout of Philadelphia in its early days - but it's a claim we have so far been unable to confirm.

Take a look at these sliders to see how Powys towns compare to their global namesakes.

Newtown (Papua New Guinea)

The verdant green of Dolerw Park is a haven for many dog-walkers and nature lovers in Newtown.

But Newtown in Papua New Guinea is quite a different proposition. It forms a part of Port Moresby, the sprawling capital of the southern Pacific nation.


Welshpool (Australia)

Australia has two Welshpools - one an independent town in the Victoria region with a population of just over 300, and the other, shown here, a suburb of Perth.

Unlike its Montgomeryshire namesake, Welshpool in Perth is known as a heavily industrial region - but whether it has any cake factories, who can say?

Newtown (South Africa)

Another industrialised area which shares a name with a Montgomeryshire town is the Johannesberg district of Newtown.

Originally established around the brick-making industry, it has a population of just over 2,500.

Welshpool (Canada)

Canada's Welshpool is a tiny community on the island of Campobello, off the east coast of the world's second-largest nation.

The island as a whole is about 15sq m in size - but it only has a population of about 800. Visitors from Maine, in the north east of the USA, tend to arrive at the tiny port of Welshpool.

Newtown (New South Wales)

A thriving, bohemian community in part of the sprawling Australian city of Sydney, Newtown is said to "bustle with activity, day and night".

It's full of bars and restaurants catering both for locals and students at the University of Sydney.