A TREEHOUSE holiday park in Machynlleth has gone above and beyond to accommodate some new guests which made themselves at home during the recent lockdown.

Living Room Treehouse Experience was preparing to reopen to customers, when they were met by a small family of owls who had moved into on foe the tree-top toilet buildings.

Not wanting to upset the owls, and their five eggs, a decision was taken by the owners of the holiday park to isolate the toilet building, and build an ensuite at the neighbouring treehouse.

Director at Living Room, Mark Bond, said the owls have remained at the site ever since.

He said: “The tree houses are quite high up, and most of them have high wobbly bridges leading to the loo.

“So the loo is in a separate treehouse in itself. During lockdown, the owls moved into the loo next to one of the treehouses called Ty Mawr.

“We were just preparing to reopen after lockdown, and after opening the door to the toilets we noticed there were owls looking up at us from the sawdust box near the toilet.

“There were five eggs there, so we shut the door immediately and retreated.”

The toilet building remains isolated, and the owlets have since hatched.

Mark continued: “We’ve isolated the toilet so people can’t get to it anymore, and we’ve built a new ensuite toilet at Ty Mawr.

“So the treehouse is probably better than it ever was, and the owls have their own loo in the tree.

“We set up a camera there to take pictures if there is any movement just to make sure they are ok and that the eggs had hatched.”

The camera was set up by John Sewell, who also helps to run the treehouse experience at the site.

To find out more about Living Room, and the resident owlets, visit @LivingRoomtreehouses on Facebook.