A MOTHER and daughter from Llanidloes were left disgusted after discovering remnants of fly-tipping in a local beauty spot over the weekend.

Trudy Davies and daughter Sarah ventured to Clywedog Dam on Sunday and were dismayed to find rubbish left by thoughtless visitors.

Trudy and Sarah gathered as much rubbish as they could and posted a picture on the County Times Camera Club page. The detritus included abandoned barbecues, boxes, electronic equipment and food wrappers.

Trudy said: "My daughter and I collected rubbish within just 10 metres of this sign, strewn all about.

"There was plenty more there but we had no equipment and bin bags in the car to do a thorough job, so gathered what we could and arranged for collection."

With nearby graffiti daubed on a rock face calling for a 'Free Wales', Trudy suggested 'Free Wales of Fly-Tipping' may be a more appropriate slogan to remind the public of their responsibilities.

"Why would you want to visit our wonderful places and then leave it like this?" asked Trudy. "We do love having all of you visiting mid Wales but please take away your rubbish.

"Thank you Rhys Llewellyn Sheppard of Powys County Council for arranging it to be picked up."