Staff and parents at a Churchstoke early years setting say they fear for its future and for the Welsh language locally if the village primary school closes.

Churchstoke Little Explorers, which shares its site and facilities with Churchstoke C.P. School, may shut if Powys County Council decides to close the school.

Laura Yapp, who works at the playgroup, said: "Closure of Churchstoke C.P. School will directly impact Churchstoke Little Explorers and we will lose our lovely pre-school. Powys are not providing us with the fair, clear and transparent consultation process that we deserve and this will affect the whole community."

There are more than four weeks left until a consultation closes.

Ms Yapp added: "Powys County Council state closure of the school 'would not directly affect the early years provision'. However if the school was to close we would lose our site and facilities.

County Times: Churchstoke Little Explorers.

"We have worked hard over the last four years to build up our setting and ensure that it is a rich, nurturing environment where the children have the freedom to explore and develop to their full potential. We recently received a grant for £10,000 from Powys County Council for the Childcare Offer small grants scheme which we have used to further develop our outdoor space.

"Powys County Council's Transformation Team's refusal to engage with us as a setting has left us angered as we feel they are not giving us the opportunity to voice the concerns of our staff and families or have our questions answered.

"We have 22 children currently attending our setting with the potential to increase with further housing developments in the area. These children have a right to a Welsh education form an early age and if we lose the pre-school they will lose this right.

"Not all parents drive and Powys do not provide transport for children of that age, so they loose their education through no fault of their own."

Parent and volunteer at Churchstoke Little Explorers Sarah Davies added: "Not only this but their Transformation Programme also suggests that all rural schools in Powys will go on to face consultation also, meaning should Churchstoke Primary School close and the pupils transfer to their nearest alternative school, pupils and parents will proceed to endure this hugely emotionally and time draining process at least one other time in their Primary School lifetime."

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “It’s been just over two week since we launched the consultation on our proposal to close Churchstoke C.P. School, which still over four weeks left until it closes. We have already received a large number of responses.

“All consultations around school proposals are held in accordance with the School Organisation Code. No meeting is being arranged for parents / the community as part of the consultation, this is in accordance with the requirements of the School Organisation Code which does not require meetings to be held as part of the consultation process.

“We will be meeting governors, school staff and learners to seek their views on our proposals.

“Parents and members of the community are able to respond to the consultation by either using the online response form, by email or by writing to us. Details can be found on how to take part by visiting and going to Churchstoke C.P. School under Current Consultations.

“Those who would like a paper copy of the consultation document can contact the Transforming Education Team by phoning 01597 826618 or emailing

“All the responses and issues raised during the consultation period will be collated into a consultation report and responded to. The consultation report will be considered by Cabinet once the consultation closes.”