A GROUP protesting a large industrial waste incinerator at Buttington Quarry have installed large banners displaying their message.

Large banners have been installed in key locations along the A458 bearing the words 'Stop Buttington Incinerator'.

These have been commissioned and installed by the Buttington Incinerator Impact Group (BIIG), an informal grouping of concerned residents who came together to oppose Broad Energy's proposal to build and operate a large industrial waste incinerator at Buttington Quarry.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Ian Thompson hoped the banners would encourage residents to take up their cause.

"We have been opposed to this development from the outset on the grounds that it is quite simply the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Ian.

"The planning application has now been submitted and objectors have until May 24 to register any objections with the Welsh Government Planning Inspectorate.

"By going into our dedicated website stopbuttingtonincinerator.com, as publicised on our banners, an objection can be registered simply and quickly in less than two minutes.

"We would encourage as many people as possible to register their concerns.

"We also as a group have compiled a very detailed rebuttal of the proposal.

"This has been registered with the Planning Inspectorate and is now published on the Planning Inspectorate website."

Because the proposed incinerator has an intended capacity in excess of 10MW, it qualifies as a Development of National Significance and therefore the decision falls to the Welsh National Government rather than the local planning authority.

In October 2020, BIIG organised a public protest outside the Trewern school that was well attended by residents and local politicians and attracted wide press coverage at the time.

However, at this even more important time, the group has been advised that a repetition of the protest now would not be allowable under Covid restrictions.