A FIGHT that had been pre-arranged between groups in Welshpool and Aberystwyth last weekend was thwarted by police – even when it was hastily rearranged to be held in Shrewsbury.

Dyfed Powys Police reported last Friday, April 29, that they believed the fight was to take place in the seaside town between individuals in both Welshpool and Aberystwyth over the bank holiday weekend.

Chief Inspector Jacqui Lovatt said the force had received information of a possible change of venue at the last minute to an area in the centre of Shrewsbury, but that proactive police work resulted in no incident taking place.

“Nothing materialised, it didn’t happen,” said Chief Inspector Lovatt.

“There was a suggestion there was going to be a change of venue and that was looking to be The Quarry in Shrewsbury, because they’d been rumbled.

She said the age range of people reported to be involved was set to be 17-20-years-old, but she praised the work of officers and parents in preventing the fight from occurring.

“The engagement from parents was really good. We were very proactive, spoke with parents to let them know and a lot of them said they wouldn’t be allowing their children to venture out,” said Chief Inspector Lovatt.

“We’re talking about late teens/young adults. It was nice to see support from family members. Proactive work nipped it in the bud.

“It does seem odd the age range, the 17-20 age bracket, it was a surprise. We do a lot of anti-hate work in schools so that culture is changing.”

Police had issued a warning to those involved from both towns on Friday that they were planning to prevent the fight, which police believed was originally arranged to take place in the west Wales coastal town.

It was believed the incident had a “high potential for disorder”. Officers warned those involved that they would be taking action to prevent the fight, with policing plans in place for both towns and on the railways between them.

Inspector Matthew Price said: “The situation is being constantly reviewed, and more information is being gathered.

“Dyfed Powys Police is pro-actively working to prevent any opportunities for this to take place, and policing plans are being implemented in both Aberystwyth and Welshpool, which will see extra resources patrolling these areas to monitor this closely.

“Our colleagues in British Transport Police are also assisting us in this operation, and will be keeping a close eye on the rail network between both locations this weekend.

“This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and should anyone get involved in violence or disorder such as this, robust action will be taken against them.”