Councillors have suggested a 20mph speed limit in Llanidloes town centre to reduce damage caused to the Old Market Hall.

The iconic market hall in Llanidloes, the only one of its kind in Wales, is being "badly neglected", say campaigners.

Town councillors discussed the next steps for the town centre building which is under Powys County Council's care until 2031.

At a meeting held on Monday, April 26, Councillor John Hughes suggested that lowering the speed limit may reduce the impact of air movement from passing vehicles.

He said: "I can't see how anyone can object to it. It will reduce the damage, it will be safer for everybody and it would be more environmentally friendly.

"How many towns are there where cars and vans go through at 30mph? It's not done anymore, even all the side streets in Cardiff are 20mph. We're way behind the times."

Cllr Steve Lees added: "I think it would be an idea to have a 'twenty is plenty' campaign in the town and near schools. If we had the campaign we could probably be away with those problems."

Mayor Cllr Janet Crisp told councillors that the market hall's condition had become a "serious problem which up until recently has been ignored by Powys County Council".

Councillors heard that extensive work is needed on the timber and rectifying the damp.