A group from Llanidloes is doing its bit to address the dramatic loss of hay meadows from farmland and encourage wildflowers and birds in the community

Zero Carbon Llanidloes has received funding to create traditional hay meadows near Llanidloes with the the first three meadows will be created this summer with more planted in 2022.

Farmer and Wilderness Trust director Fran Blockley said she the group is "delighted" to have secured the funding.

"Restoring hay meadows is not just great for the environment but it is also a great way to bring communities together," she said. "People can get involved in everything from seed collection to harvesting."

The area's farming past and future will also be celebrated in an exhibition with photos and artefacts telling the story of agriculture and the way it has shaped this part of Wales.

Fran added: "Older farmers, who remember how things used to be, can share their knowledge. And we hope to encourage a love of nature in young people so that they can create their own “garden meadow” at home”.

The funding for the project is from the Welsh Government’s Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Fund, administered by Wales Council for Voluntary Action, and Zero Carbon Llanidloes will be working with three partners: Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, Radnorshire Wildlife Trust and The Wilderness Trust to deliver the project.

Anyone who would like more details or to get involved in the project can contact Duncan Burwood on 07589 907811 or e-mail dfsburwood@pc-q.net