Nikolas Loebel, a German MP in the CDU party, is resigning his seat because it is claimed his private company has earned around £300,000 from PPE contracts with the Government.

That’s giving up his seat – and political career – just because of a claim, as yet unproven.

Why can’t our politicians show the same principles?

Westminster might be one of the oldest parliaments in the world but by now it is not just mature but rotten to the core.

The current accusations of sleaze, now engulfing the most senior Tories, demonstrate that many entering “public” service seem to have their eyes set more on private gain.

Unlike Germany – which had a fresh start to its political institutions in 1949 – UK democracy is now in an advanced state of senility and is, frankly, beyond redemption.

The sooner Wales climbs out of this cesspit, the better.

David Thomas