I really liked the letters page of April 23rd and would like to add my thoughts to those expressed.

I totally agree with Bruce Lawson that we must not dwell in the past – we have the chance to kick out this tired and failed Labour administration and we really must take it.

Looking through all the election material I have received so far I will be entrusting my future with a vote for the Conservatives and would urge all your readers to do the same.

They have the best ideas and really would be a strong voice for the whole of Montgomeryshire.

I also want to dispel this discredited and untrue Labour myth about the NHS in Wales not being safe in Tory hands as pedalled by David Thomas – I am tired of continually hearing this scaremongering lie especially at election time.

The Tories have pledged 3,000 more nurses, committed to building a new community hospital and health and care facility in Newtown and given strong commitments to support the upgrading of health facilities.

That feels more than safe to me.

I hope Violet Edwards can be persuaded to vote once again for Russell George and get the Conservatives into power so that they really are able to put their plans into place.

Violet must believe in Russell’s manifesto and now is not the time to lose faith and waste your vote on the Lib Dems – remember their one MS did not take her opportunity to vote against Labour’s NVZ regulations which as Alan Davies points out are dreadful, costly and punitive and the Conservatives will address this wrong.

Finally I implore your readers to get out and vote conservative for a real change leading to a brighter future for all of us.

I echo Mike Groves’ words – our votes do count and we can change politics for the better.

So please vote and don’t allow Labour to serve up another five years of the same tired old politics

Pete Lewington