Bowls season begins in town

Montgomery Bowls Club president Tom Price had the honour of delivering the first wood to open the green for the 2021 bowling season.

This first bowl traditionally takes place in mid April each year to formally open the green for the season.

On April 17, club members also observed a minute’s silence along with the rest of the nation for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

From May 10 the ‘in-house league’ will commence with appropriate Covid secure measures in place, again in line with the advice from Bowls Wales.

Please contact the chairman John Thompson on 01686 668079, for more information.

Outdoor learning

Montgomery School children took part in National Resources Wales’ Outdoor Learning Week 2021 last week.

The children spent most of the week outside, doing all sorts of activities including sowing, weeding and planting; sports, arts and challenges.

Headteacher Anna Griggs said: “Being outdoors, connecting with nature and the natural world, improves health and wellbeing.

“As a school we also wanted to promote environmental knowledge and encourage lifelong positive behaviours.

“The external environment at Montgomery School is superb and has been a big focus of the whole school community over the last few years.”

Pupils also enjoyed the week.

Sicily said: “I really enjoyed being in the sunshine and planting flowers,” and Sinead also enjoyed the gardening, saying, “I loved gardening because I got to show what I am capable of doing.”

Owen said, “I enjoyed outdoor learning week because we spent more time out on the field than in the classroom this week, but we still learned things. My favourite thing was where we found a tree and wrote a poem about it in partners.”

Classmate, James added, “My favourite part of the week was making art work using nature instead of things like paints. I made a frog out of grass, leaves and daisies and I was really pleased with it.”

Arthur in Reception class summarised his week outdoors saying: “I liked everything. No favourite - just everything.”

Gardening club

The club Facebook group has attracted new members over the year and everyone looks forward to meeting again in person one day soon.

The gardening club has been running its plant stall since 2016 and keen to resume it this spring if at all possible.

The stall has previously proved popular and Montgomery gardeners have been particularly pleased with how the plants from the stall have thrived in their gardens.

Anyone with spare seedlings in pots or trays, rooted cuttings, or divided perennials is invited to bring them along on the day for the club to sell. Money raised will help to boost the club’s funds and support its activities over the year.

This year, the stall is planned for the morning of Saturday, May 8 in Arthur Street near the Bunners shop.