Not having much to do for some time because of the ‘Drakeonian’ constraints placed on all our lives I have been reading, with more interest than usual, the promotional output sent to me by the political parties who wish to give us all a wonderful carefree future.

The question I find I am asking of all of them is why haven’t they already achieved anything remotely resembling their intended aims up to now?

I was most interested to read what the current Labour Government had in mind.

The First Minister tells me he celebrates the natural beauty of Wales. Yet the National Infrastructure Plan is committed to destroy it with vast areas buried under Solar Arrays, which prevents the ability to grow crops of food or graze sheep, and wind farms.

The First Minister also wishes to create a National Forest of Wales. Will this be a forest of oak brown turbines with leaf green blades?

All parties seem to be convinced that there is a climate emergency. It gives them the opportunity to bring in yet more controls.

I used to think we employed them but it seems not. They appear to believe that they can be a greater power than nature. When they find out that they are not how much will that cost all of us? The phrase “carbon neutral” is the current buzz word. How will planting trees at ground level neutralise carbon pollution emitted at 30,000 feet by aviation which by 2050 is expected to increase by 700 per cent?

It’s a wonderful life being a politician, create a narrative we would vote for, convince people they can do it, then when it doesn’t work create a believable disaster and hope they can get away with it.

Does your vote count? Yes it does if you do the research and find the truth.

You can change politics. But if you don’t vote you just get more of the same.

Mike Groves