The promise by Andrew R T Davies to introduce a law in the Senedd to prevent the privatisation of the NHS in Wales is the usual “playing politics” we have come to expect from him and is worthless and cynical on three counts.

First, the only threat to the NHS in Wales comes from the UK Tory government which is responsible for the NHS in England where 57 GP surgeries are already being run by the US company Centene and, surprise, some have already been closed because they are “unprofitable”.

Secondly, Andrew RT Davies knows full well that the Internal Market Bill, of which he was an enthusiastic supporter, can overturn any opposition the Welsh Government may have to privatising the NHS in Wales ignoring any “law” it might have passed to safeguard its status.

Thirdly, during the entire Covid pandemic the Tory leader in Wales has not come up with a single original idea. His entire role has been as Boris Johnson’s poodle in Wales and there is not a single issue on which he has opposed or will oppose his boss in London. No doubt he would throw the NHS in Wales under the bus as well should his party boss require it.

Whatever they say to the contrary, the NHS in Wales is not safe in Tory hands.


David Thomas