THE premiere of the recently made documentary film ‘Knighton is my Home’ was viewed via both Zoom and YouTube by well over 100 people when it was shown last week.

The film was introduced by local church ministers Petra Goodband and Kevin Dare, who set it in the context of both the impact of coronavirus and recent floods in the community.

It was a project funded by the community cohesion team of Powys County Council and Ceredigion Council on behalf of the Welsh Government and sought to explore issues around diversity and belonging.

The film gently explores what it’s been like growing up in the area, including friendship patterns, likes and dislikes about the town, things that could be done to improve the quality of life, and, for those who weren’t born locally, what brought people to live in Knighton in the first place.

The film was edited by Robert Clough and the interviews were conducted by Chris Martin and Ruth Forrester, all of whom are residents of the town.

There are plans to both continue and develop the conversation begun by the film’s participants through extending opportunities for other residents to have their say, and hopefully influence positive developments in the town in the future.

Further information is available from the church ministers and on the Knighton and District Community Centre website.