The moratorium on incinerators in Wales is very welcome news, the Welsh Labour government have been debating the moving away from incineration towards a circular economy since 2019.

In June 2020 a document was published by UKWIN advising the Labour Party on pathways towards a greener policy, which included the inappropriateness of building new incinerators.

This was adopted by Welsh Labour in March 2021 and brought into immediate effect.

Isn’t it amazing that even in these times of restrictions how the voice of ordinary people can still make a difference to the drive of politicians to make good their promises.

In October the Buttington incinerator impact group (BIIG) organised a protest which was well publicised by local media.

The protest was supported by many local residents who had concerns regarding the impact on their locality by the planned incinerator.

Also in attendance were representatives from Welsh Labour, Welsh Conservatives and Extinction Rebellion.

It is thanks to the commitment and hard work of BIIG who have driven this agenda forward, but the real change was brought about by the people willing to stand in the pouring rain in order to voice their concerns and show the politicians that they needed to up their game and stop the planned incinerator.

Working collaboratively the representatives of the local branches of the Labour and Conservative parties put the concerns of the local people and the non viability of yet another incinerator, especially one in a rural area above a primary school to the Senedd.

The Welsh Labour government have now introduced a moratorium on all new incinerators in Wales thereby showing their willingness to listen and act for the interests of the many, not the few.

Helen Froggatt